Parisian based photographer and artist Alexandre Félix (1990) has a distinctive visual language and style that allows him to create alternative universes. A master of studio lighting and artistic direction Alexandre thrives in a collaborative environment working with visual innovation and multidisciplinary mediums, such as 3D images and complex lighting design.   

Alexandre got his start in fashion photography by working as an assistant for Rouchon Paris,where he worked on major productions and editorials including Vogue, ELLE, Numéro, and L'Officiel. Here he had the privilege to work with renowned photographers such as David Sims, Karim Sadli, Mondino, and Alexei Hay.

For the last 4 years Alexandre has had a studio in Berlin where he has developed his artistic medium to include sculpture and painting. This expansion into other art forms has majorly enhanced his artistic vision as a photographer.

Selected client

A Part Publication + Dior +  Dior Homme + Cap 74024 + Comme Des Garçons + Contributor Magazine + Duel Magazine + GQ + Kenzo

L'OFFICIEL + Lou de Betoly + MOJEH + Numéro Magazine + Schön Magazine + Sorbet Magazine + VOGUE Portugal


Don't Panic, Visitors! - personnal exhibition at L'Atelier Gallery, Berlin, May 2020

Gold & Staub - groupshow exhibition at L'Atelier Gallery, Berlin, May 2019

Behind The Mask - personnal exhibition at SAARBACH Gallery, Berlin, Mars 2019

Paintings and more - personnal exhibition at L'Atelier Gallery, Berlin, January 2019

Caveman - groupshow exhibition at L'Atelier Gallery, Berlin, December 2018

The Ephemeral - personnal exhibition at L'Atelier Gallery, Berlin, September 2018

Behind The Mask - personnal exhibition at L'Atelier Gallery, Berlin, November 2017

Collective painting - open studios at GlogauAIR, Berlin, March 2017

Collective painting -  open studios at GlogauAIR, Berlin, December 2017

Terminal - personnal exhibition at GlogauAIR, Berlin, October 2017

The Ephemeral - open studios at GlogauAIR, Berlin, September 2017

Fashion portraits - groupshow across China, Shangaï Datong and Beijing, June 2016  

Fluid - groupshow at 5th Base Gallery, London, July 2016 

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